The Rabitat al-Alam al-Islami Mkkah al-Mukarramah
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Articles related to East Turkistan and Chinese Muslims.

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8- جازا، 38- قەۋەت
PDF icon Muslim Minorities Asia. Page. 25 - 302.92 MB
PDF icon Islam and Communism in China. Page. 41-465.52 MB
PDF icon Islam and Muslim in Indo-China. Page 39-443.2 MB
PDF icon The Muslim of Turkistan: A Demographic Survey. Page, 60-621.35 MB
PDF icon Kashgar: Islams Survival under Communism. The Muslims of Turkistan-ii. page 52-58 e3.58 MB
PDF icon China Shows Greater Tolerance for Islam. page 521.04 MB
PDF icon Policy of Annihilation in East Turkistan. page 30-374.09 MB
PDF icon Eastern Turkistan or Sinkiang ?. page 54-593.08 MB
PDF icon Journey to the Top of the World: Khunjerab Pass. page 611.11 MB
PDF icon The Peking Islamic conference. Islam& Muslims in China. Islamization and Education in Muslin China. page 14-23 a. 5.15 MB
PDF icon The Muslim in East Turkistan. page 52954.86 KB
PDF icon The Silk Route - Karakoram Highway. page 56557.02 KB
PDF icon The Hui Muslim Minority in China. page 123.46 MB
PDF icon The Muslim Minority in China-ii. page 423.4 MB
PDF icon Muslim Minorities Worldwide. page 51.07 MB
PDF icon Soviet -Chinese Collaboration in Eastern Turkistan. page 252.31 MB
PDF icon Ghulamuddin Pahta concludes his historical account of the 1933 uprising against the Chinese rule in Eastern Turkistan. page 241.7 MB
PDF icon Eastern Turkistan: A Muslim State Never a Part of China. page 21, Image of Islam and Muslim among Ethnic Chinaese in Indonesia. 5.82 MB
PDF icon Eastern Turkistan has never been an inalienable part of China since ancient times. page 201.11 MB
PDF icon Trouble has been brewing of late in Xinjiang or Eastern Turkistan, where native Uyghur population has not been 151.21 MB
PDF icon Relations between Arabs and People of South-East Asia. page 342.09 MB
PDF icon Eastern Turkistan: A Captive Islamic Country. page 33478.01 KB

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