Authors List

Osman Bakar The History And Philosophy of Islamic Science
Dr. Ali Mohieddin Al-Qara Daghi The Islamic Creed
Keith Miles and David Butler Marco Polo
Dr. H'mida Ennaifer Les Commentaires Coraniques Contemporains
Hamid Bin Ahmad Al-Rifaie Islam And The World Security
Taha Jabir al' Alwani Outlines of a Cultural Strategy
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan MUHAMMAD
Jane H. Bayes Globalization, Gender, And Religion
Angus Ross Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe
Seyyed Hossein Nasr Islamic Science
Dr. Suleiman Bin Abdul Rahman Al- Hageel Human Rights in Islam and Their Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hammudah Abdalati Islam in Focus
Nasim Butt Science and Muslim Societies
Najm-oud-Dine Bammate L' ISLAM et L' Occident Dialogues
The Pontifical Council Women in Society According to Islam And Christianity
Malik Bashir Ahmad Bacvi Determination of The Direction of Qibla
Mohammad T. Mehdi, ph. D. Islam and Intolerance
Munawar Ahmad Anees Christian-Muslim Relations
Abdul Majeed A. Azzindani The Developing Human
Muhammad Husein Haykal The Life of Muhammad
Human Rights in Islam
Merryl Wyn Davies Knowing One Another
National Geographic Atlas of The World
National Geographic Atlas of The World
TpaTypa The Buryats Traditions & Culture
Chrıstoph Baumer The Hıstory of Central Asıa
Zeynep Durukal Abuhusayn IRCICA 1980-2000
Amjad Bohumil Prochazka Khawarizm
Adil. R. E. Ahmad Some Biochemical Effects of Long Term Administration of Jurak Smoke Condensate in Mice
Mario Bussagli Central Asian Painting