Authors List

A. H. Suharwardy Tragedy in Kashmir
Janet Rizvi LADAKH Crossroads of High Asia
Research, Reference and Training Division INDIA 1998
Wajidalis Tragedy of Errors
Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Roads and Rivals
Kulbhushan Warikoo Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh
Dr. Yaseen Rizvi Murder Russian Style
S. P. Sen The Sino-Indian Border Question A Historical Review
the author not necessarily Toward Islamization of Disciplines
Abul A'LA Mawdudi Towards Understanding ISLAM
Ahmed Deedat The Choice
S. Waqar Ahmed Husaini Qur'an for Astronomy and Earth Exploration From Space
S. Waqar Ahmed Husaini Astronomical Sciences in The Qur'An
Hasan Al- banna Majmu'At Rasa'il Al- Imam Al-Shahid Hasan Al-Banna
Dr. Ibrahim Abdulla AL-Marzouqi Human Rights in Islamic Law
karen Armstrong ISLAM
Darussalam Sermons
Syed Habibul Haq Nadvi Islamic Legal Philosophy And The Qur'Anic Origins of the Islamic Law
Jacques Ellul The Dhimmi
Yusuf al-Qaradawi The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam
C. E. Bosworth The Ghaznavids
John L. Esposito Islam The Straight Path
Sulieman Abdul Rahman Al Hageel, Ph. D. Human Rights in Islam And Refutation of..
David M. Gurdis. The Abraham Connection
Martin Lings Muhammad
Mohammed Kifaayatullah Taalimul Islam
Hafiz Muhammed Iqbal Seerah of Mohammad
Allan D. Austin African Muslims in Antebellum America
Dr. Suleiman Qush The Scientific Discoveries in Correlation to the Glorious Qur'an
Assad Nimer Busool, Ph.D. Islam's Relationship to Christianity and Judaism