Authors List

Dr. M.A.M. Shukri Muslims of Srilanka
Zuraidah Ibrahim Muslims in Singapore A Shared Vision
Salahi Ramadan Sonyel The Muslims of Bosnia
Clifton E. Marsh From Black Muslims To Muslims:
Robert J. Donia Islam Under The Double Eagle: The Muslims of Bosnia And Hercegovia,1878-1914
Prof. S.A.H.Haqqi Secularism Under Siege
Bilal N. Şımşır Turkish Minority Education And Literature in Bulgaria
Robert L. Canfield Turko-Persia Historical Perspective
World Press on The Plight of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria
Committee of Relatives of Turkish Cypriot Missing Persons Lefkosa The Tragedy of Turkish Cypriot Missing Persons in Cyprus
Annual Turkish Review of Balkan Studies
Korea Muslim Federation International Symposium on Islam And Other Religions in Asia: Coexistence And Cooperation
Dr. Mohammed Yunus A History of Arakan past & Present
Sir E. Denison Ross, C.I.E Dialogues in the Eastern Turki to Travellers
Paul Jyrkankallio A Survey of Present-day Turkic Peoples
Premier Chou En-Lai's Letter to The Leaders of Asian And Afrecan Countries on the Sino-Indian Boundary Question 1962
K H KARPAT The Turks of Bulgaria: The History, Culture And Political Fate of A Minority
Dr. M. Cosmas Megalommatis Turkish-Greek Relations And The Balkans
The Plight of The Turkish Muslim Minority in Bulgaria and ...(1985-1988)
Nadir Devlet Inci Enginun... Naskali Turkic Studies in the World And Turkey
Graham E. Fuller and Ian o. Lesser Turkey's New Geopolitics From the Balkans to Western China
William Hale The Political and Economic Development of Modern Turkey
Neşıde Kerem Demır The Armenian Question in Turkey
Doç. Dr. Hüseyın Memışoglu Pages of The History of Pomac Turks
Fazil Demirci The Iraqi Turks Yesterday And Today
The Historical Background of Cyprus and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Abdurrahim Dede The Tragedy of the Muslim Turks in Bulgaria
Michael M.J.Fischer IRAN
Major General S. Shahid Hamid KARAKURAM HUNZA
Alastair Lamb Birth of A Tragedy Kashmir 1947