Authors List

Yaacov Ro'i ISLAM IN the CIS
Stanley Ghosh Embers in Cathay
J.J. Counsilman The Superior Men of Xinjiang
Adeeb Khalid The Politics of Muslim Cultural Reform
Andrew bELL-Fialkoff The Role of Migration in the History of the Eurasian Steppe
Stephen R. Mackinnon China At War * Regions of China, 1937 - 45
Kamal Sheel Peasant Society And Marxist Intellectuals in China
Jung Chang Jon Halliday MAO
Christoph Herzog Barbara Pusch Groups, Ideologies and Discourses: Glimpses of the Turkic Speaking World
Ben Simpfendorfer The New Silk Road
Richard N. Frye The Heritage of Central Asia
Michal Biran Qaidu And The Rise of The Independent Mongol State in Central Asia
H. B. Paksoy Central Asia Reader
Annemair. Gabain Das Uigirische Konigreich Von Chotscho 850-1250
Indian Perspectives ''Globalization and the Turkic Civilization''
Giles Whittell Central Asia
Svat Soucek INNER ASIA
An East Gate Book The Modernization of Inner Asia
F. Hirth, Ph.D. China And The Roman Orient
Owen Lattimore Inner Asian Frontiers of China
Owen Lattimore Inner Asian Frontiers of China
Hafeez Malir Central Asia
Owen Lattimore HIGH TARTARY
Peter Ferdinand The New Central Asia and Its Neighbours
Ali Banuazizi and Myron Weiner The New Geopolitics of Central Asia And Its Borderlands
K Warikoo Dawa Norbu Ethnicity And Politics in Central Asia
Adeeb Khalid Islam after Communism
John S. Schoeberlein-Engel Guide to Scholars of the History and Culture of Central Asia
S.A.M. Adshead CENTRAL ASIA in world history