Authors List

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Paul Kennedy Paul Kennedy Preparing for The Twenty-First Century
Surin Pitsuwan, MP Muslim Worship Sites in Thailand
With The Compliment of H.E. Wanmuhamadnoor Matha MUSLIM IN THAILAND
Shrepia Botuese ''Dituria Islame'' Prishtine Barbaria Serbe Ndaj Monumenteve Islame Ne Kosove(Shkurt' 98- Qershor' 99)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ankara Greece And PKK Terrorism
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Second Edition Eastern Europe And The Commonwealth of Independent States 1994
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John Foster Dulles War or Peace
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Syed Sajjad Husain Civilization And Society
Mbaye Lo Muslims in America
Basman Lalanto Madale Autonomy for Muslim Mindanao: Untold Tre Ree Story
Human Rights and Documents on The Minority in The Western Thrace